What is HASS?

Higher Academics Summer School, HASS, is a four-week academic summer program serving high achieving students from the Black Belt regions of Alabama. Established in 2011 by two Teach For America teachers, who recognized the importance of providing opportunities for academically inclined students to continue learning during the summer months, HASS serves students who lack extracurricular opportunities in their rural communities, but have the drive and desire to build the skills to become competitive college applicants.

HASS seeks to remedy the educational disparity experienced by students in the Black Belt by providing them with four weeks of intensive academic, cultural, and leadership enrichment every summer for the duration of their high school careers. HASS students attend classes focused on public speaking, literature and literary analysis, and college-level lab research. The highlights of this summer program include the annual mock trial competition, intensive financial literacy courses, and tours of local colleges and universities.

In a mere four weeks, our students experience a wealth of educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them in their own schools.