What We Do

At HASS, we develop our scholars in the areas of academics, leadership, communication, and organization. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, our students obtain the skills to ensure that they stay on track to be competitive college applicants in the future.

English Language-Arts
Designed to help students improve in their basic language skills, this course of study includes the review and reinforcement of grammar fundamentals and standard English usage as well as reading various texts. Students develop and perfect essential writing skills and apply these skills throughout their course work at HASS.

Social Justice Case Study
Students examine the historical, social, economic, and cultural issues of the present as they research the past. They look at issues through a socio-political lens and investigate the influences of systemic racism in our society and culture. Students are afforded opportunities to display their findings and express their dispositions through writings and different forms of art work.

Quantitative literacy is the focus of this mathematics course. Students do not engage in the rote memorization of “math rules” but rather they are immersed in the discovery of mathematical truths and applications in real-world contexts.

Mock Trial
Our students have been afforded the opportunity to experience first-hand the difficulties that lawyers face in determining which facts of a case are relevant and what legal arguments are effective. Under the guidance of accomplished lawyers from Bradley Arant and Hare Wynn, HASS students learn to understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming roles of attorneys and witness in criminal and civil cases.

Financial Literacy
The partnership between HASS and Bridgeworth Financial affords our students the unique opportunity to be taught the importance of fiscal responsibility by financial planning experts. Financial advisors from Bridgeworth volunteer their time and expertise to teach HASS students about budgeting, checking and savings accounts, credit, navigating loans and other skills they will need to be financially literate.

Students conduct case studies and use science practices to explore the big ideas of biology. Students engage in student-directed laboratory investigations and upon completion of this course, students have an increased awareness of the integration of other sciences in the study of biology and become knowledgeable and responsible citizens in understanding biological issues that could impact them and their communities.

Test Prep
Designed to develop the skills necessary to improve ACT scores, this course emphasizes test-taking skills and prepares students to tackle each part of the test in English, mathematics, reading, and science.

Portfolio Building: Life Coaching
As all of our scholars have dreams of college and beyond, we have designed a course to help them on their path. Students are introduced and guided through several of the applications, personal statements, and resumes they will need in order to be successful in their chosen paths.