HASS Move In Day

IMG_1556On Tuesday, May 31, our students boarded buses and Sumpter and Perry County and made their way to Birmingham. There were lots of hugs, last minute instructions from parents and well wishes from friends. Students arrived at Indian Springs and quickly settled into their dorm rooms for the next month. That evening, board members Anita Turner and Julie Ellis arrived with their families and a car load of snacks, fruit, and drinks. Teens ALWAYS appreciate extra food and HASS teens are no different. A competitive game of basketball helped kids get to know each other, release some nervous energy. Showers and bed time quickly followed.

Wednesday out students were up bring and early for everyone’s favorite activity -benchmark testing. All HASS students took the ACT test to establish a benchmark against which future progress can be measure. After testing, the real class work began with English, math, and life skills. Students were divided into their mock trial teams and practices begin tomorrow with coaches from Bradley Arant and Hare Wynne law firms.

What will tomorrow bring? Check back often and remember to follow us at #HASS2016.