HASS Students Learn Business Etiquette with Sarah Martha Parker of Simply Proper Manners


Bernard and Dominque learn how to make introductions with Sarah Martha Parker

Do you know the proper placement of name tag? How to hold your plate and drink and still be able to shake hands at a reception? How to make conversation at a business lunch? HASS students do thanks to Business Etiquette with Sarah Martha Parker with Simply Proper Manners.

Our students learned the proper placement of a name tag – on the right in case you were wondering; how to make polite conversation, how to balance your plate and drink while still being able to shake hands at a business reception, how to navigate a formal place setting, when it is ok to use your fingers and how to properly use a knife and fork.

We are so thankful to Sarah Martha for a fun and entertaining session that was useful to all. The students were especially excited the next day when they were able to put their new etiquette skills to use during their visit to Daxko.


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