Current Students

2018 HASS Students

Rising Seniors


Joshua Brown is a native of Hale County, Alabama. He attends Hale County High School and will enter 11th grade this fall. This is Josh’s second summer with HASS. He is excited to be learning math skills, science skills, and improving his ACT score. Joshua plans to attend college at the University of West Alabama. He wants to pursue a degree in pre-med biology so he can accomplish his dream of being a cardiothoracic or trauma surgeon.






IMG_0709Lauryn Lewis is a rising Junior that attends Hale County High School. This is her first year attending HASS. She is excited about the ACT strategies because it will help her improve her ACT score. She plans to attend the University of Alabama or Stanford University after school. She plans to major in Clinical Psychology. Her main goal is to be able to open own practice and help people be mentally healthy.







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Nakira Walker is a rising junior at Sumter Central High School in Sumter County, Alabama. This is her second summer with HASS and she is most excited about meeting new people and getting out of her comfort zone. Nakira is also looking forward to the intellectual challenges with her education. Her dream colleges are Tuskegee University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, or Spelman College. Nakira plans on participating in Air Force ROTC in college she also plans on becoming a trauma or neonatal surgeon. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and hanging out with friends.







Carla Green is a rising senior at Sumter Central High School. She is attending HASS because she feels like it will improve her education, and boost her chances of having the successful life she wants to live. After high school, Carla wants to go to college, so she can major in Business. Some colleges that Carla has in mind are Georgia State University, Jackson State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Tuskegee University.  Since Carla’s freshman year of high school, she has been enrolled in preAP and AP classes, and she thinks HASS will definitely add on to her academics.






Rising Juniors


Bernard Turner Jr, is from Sumter County and will be attending Sumter Central High School in the fall as an upcoming 10th grader. This is his second summer with HASS. He is mostly excited about the college visits and new learning experiences. He plans to attend the University of Alabama for both undergraduate and his master’s in Mechanical Engineering. He has many interests such as sports, comedy, and reading. He hopes HASS will help increase his ACT Score and help me pick out a great college.







Jimesha Walker is from Perry County and attends Francis Marion High School. She is a rising sophomore and this is her second year with HASS. What she enjoys about HASS is that you get to meet new people and also experience different things. Jimesha wants to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham to be come a nurse. After college, she plans to go to graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner.








Stanley Kindall III is a rising sophomore in the fall. He was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. At Ramsay High School Stanley is a part of the engineering academy. Stanley plans on attending Auburn University to major in software and computer engineering. After college Stanley plans on working as an engineer for few years then becoming an entrepreneur.









Dkahri Porter is a rising sophomore from Mobile, Alabama. Dkahri attends Murphy High School. He thinks that HASS will help him prepare for the college and all of its challenges. Dkahri’s top three colleges are the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Connecticut, and Morehouse College. Dkahri plans to major in sports management to become a sports agent.








Rising Sophomores

IMG_0707 Victoria Kindall is a rising freshman. She will be attending Indian Springs School in the fall. She enjoys participating in various clubs such as debate team, math team, Junior United Nations Assembly, and academic bowl. Victoria is looking forward to interacting with new people, older people and people from different backgrounds. She is undecided about which college she plans on attending but she is striving to attend an Ivy League school. This is Victoria’s first year attending HASS and she hopes to become well rounded while being in the program. She wants to become the future president of the United States of America but one of her back up plans is to become a lawyer. Victoria believes that HASS will help her make a high ACT score and will increase her knowledge in the law field. She excited to be a part of this summer program and she hopes to gain all the knowledge HASS has to offer.







Nikkyah Jones is an upcoming freshman at Robert C. Hatch High School. When she graduates high school, she plans on becoming a Physical Therapist and later on in life she would like to become a Plastic Surgeon. Nikkyah would like to attend UAB and Howard University.









James Vandiver is a rising freshman who will attend George Washington Carver High School in Birmingham, Alabama. He is excited to attend Higher Academics Summer School, he believes that HASS will help him reach these goals. James is looking forward to the mock trial that will take place during the summer program. He plans to attend the University of California in Los Angeles to pursue his career in Cosmetic Surgery.








Asia Smith is a rising freshman at Robert C. Hatch High School. Asia is attending HASS because she wants to better prepare herself for her future. Asia wants to attend the University of South Alabama and pursue a career as a radiologist.









IMG_0750Maurkerra Wallace is an upcoming freshman at Robert C. Hatch High School. Here at HASS, Maurkerra plans to improve her ACT score and test taking abilities. She feels that Higher Academic Summer School will help her tremendously in the pursuit to achieve her goals and dreams. Maurkerra wants to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham or Howard University. Her dream career is to become a successful toxicologist and cosmetologist.









Rising Freshmen

IMG_0715Niara Singleton is a Berry Middle School student going into the eighth grade. She has interests in sociology, theatre acting, singing, and the science, logic, and creation behind hybrid plants in the study of biology.

Niara Singleton found out about HASS from Mrs. Holmes also known as her mother. Holmes is the Social Justice and the Literary Arts teacher this year. Niara hopes to gain more insight on which colleges would be best for her to attend and she hopes to attain a better work ethic.