HASS Graduates

HASS Graduates 2017


Jaquira Edwards is a senior at Hale County High School. This is her third year attending HASS. Over the past two years participating in Mock Trials have become one of her favorite parts of HASS, also she is excited to meet the new staff. Her favorite part of HASS is socializing and having fun with the HASS family. She plans to attend Louisiana State, Baylor or Berea University after high school. She wants to major in Business Administration and minor in Entrepreneurship. Jaquira’s main goal is to start her own business.







Xavier Turner is a senior at Sumter Central High School and this is his third summer with HASS. After his first year with HASS, Xavier was determined to graduate from HASS. He sought to increase his knowledge as an “all–around” student in all subjects. With his time at HASS, he was able to become a stronger social and academic student. He has grown more since being in the program which made he be able to have a more social personality. Also, HASS has helped Xavier to increase his ACT score by six points. Xavier wants to pursue a career in law by attending the University of Alabama and Harvard Law School. When asked why he wants to be an attorney, he responded that he wants to guide clients through challenging times in their lives.







India Woodard is a rising senior at Demopolis High School. She is looking forward to learning new strategies for taking the ACT to help improve her ACT score. She plans on going to the Air Force Reserve, and attend Tuskegee University or the University of South Alabama she currently plays volleyball and will be enrolled in four AP classes during her senior year at Demopolis High School.








HASS Graduates 2016

DominiqueDominique Collins is from Sumter County and attends SumterCentral High School where she is a senior. Dominique spent four summers with HASS and each year, she chose to come because it helped her prepare for her future.  Ms. Collins’ favorite part of HASS is when all of the students and teachers are together having fun. Dominique plans to study biology in college to become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.






Dylan HughesDylan Hughes is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He attends Paul W. Bryant High School and will be entering his senior year this fall. Dylan is returning for his fourth summer of HASS because he says it challenges his academic skills and to grow closer to his HASS family. Dylan intends to study media production and creative writing at the University of Alabama. After college he hopes to reach his career goals of being a screenwriter, playwright and author.





Leanza Price is a rising senior at Sumter Central High School located in Sumter County,
Alabama. This is Leanza’s third summer with HASS and she is excited about befriending the new
HASS scholars, and visiting more colleges and cultural exhibits. She believes HASS provides
her with more experiences that prepare for her future aspirations. Her favorite part of HASS is
interacting with the teachers and scholars inside and outside of class. She plans to attend a
four-year university or the United States Air Force Academy, which will prepare her for a career as a Radiologist.





Jaleel Washington is a rising senior at Sumter Central High School
in Sumter County, Alabama. This is his third year in HASS. One reason
he comes every year is because HASS fills the gap that his high school
leaves void; it helps make Jaleel a more competitive contender. Jaleel is
most excited for the fun that awaits in his final year. He is very anxious
to see how this chapter of his life closes and how the next will open. Jaleel’s
future plans are to attend the University of Alabama for both undergraduate
and law school and eventually become an Assistant District Attorney. 

HASS Graduates 2015

Xavius Gowdy graduated from Sumter Central High School in Sumter County. Xavius was sixth in his class and has entered the army as a ROTC graduate. We expect great things for Xavius – he is an outstanding student and has a heart of gold. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next. 
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Darius Howard graduated with honors from Northridge High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Darius, or El Dario as he is sometimes known, is a freshman at The University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Computer Science. Darius is back at HASS serving as the intern for the 2017 Summer Session.
Jahina Somo graduated from Spain Park High School. Jahina loves track and dance and has won most all the HASS dance contests for the last four years. She is a freshman at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jahina’s bright spirit and amazing dance moves will be missed at HASS but we have no doubt she will shine at Eckerd.

2014 HASS Graduates

In the summer of 2014, the first ever graduating class of HASS was born. All three students are freshmen at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Each of these outstanding students graduated from the top of their class and earned an ACT score that was one point above the national average, two points above the state average, and six points above the averages at their high schools.



Adrianna Jones graduated 10th in her class from Sumter Central High School. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in nursing.










Adrianna Thomas graduated 4th in her class from Sumter Central High School. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in occupational therapy.










Diamond Woodard graduated 11th in her class at Demopolis High School. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in nursing.