Reflections From First year HASS Student Jada Buckner

Jada BucknerMy first few days at HASS have been great. I have met so many new people and made lots of lifelong friends. I remember riding on the bus to Indian Springs School wondering what it would be like having a roommate and living without seeing my parents for a while. When we arrived, I fell in love with the campus immediately. The dorms, library, cafeteria, and gyms are very nice.

On my first day I was nervous about talking to all of the other kids, but my HASS family ended up making me feel so welcomed. We chilled in the common room, ate pizza, and laughed like we had already met. I met my wonderful advisors and teachers. We then visited the cafeteria and had our first dinner of baked spaghetti and squash. After that, we toured the campus so we could know our way around when walking to classes. Shortly after touring the campus, we decided to go have some fun in the gym. We played basketball and volleyball for about an hour. It was fun to socialize and play together which made my first day jitters vanish. After arriving from the gym we all got ready for bed and took our showers.

The next day I had my first breakfast in the cafeteria of delicious sausage biscuits, eggs, and fruit. After breakfast we went to our first class where we took a Practice ACT that would show our teachers what we need to work on and improve on before we leave HASS. I actually had fun taking the science section of the ACT. After taking our ACT, we went to lunch, and we ate tacos and macaroni and cheese.

After lunch, we went to Study Hall to learn about our Mock Trial. I discovered that I would be on the Plaintiff side. I studied the case and listed important facts about the case. After the Mock Trial, we came back to our dorms to socialize and take a breather. Shortly after our break, we headed to Dinner. We ate mixed veggies, rice, and beef tips with gravy. I really enjoyed dinner because it reminded me of my mom, and how my mom makes her beef tips and rice.

After dinner, we chilled for an hour, and then we did Team Building. We played games like Would Your Rather? and What’s the Lie. We also discussed our favorite movies. Team Building really helped me get to know my peers better. So far, I am having the time of my life at Higher Achievement Summer School!